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PETS’ CORNER June’s Mutt of the month: Hermonie



Mutt of the Month   
June — Hermonie

Meet Hermonie, an 18-month-old Shih Tzu, Bichon cross who came in to MADRA from the pound. She’s a real sweetie, adorable with a capital A. She is very quiet and calm, and would suit most set ups, but very young children would probably be too much for her. She would make an ideal companion for an older person though.
Hermonie suffers some side effects of being badly bred. She has cherry eye, which she will need surgery for, and her knee joint also hasn’t developed properly, and she is unable to bend it. It doesn’t bother her at all though, and she gets around just fine on it, as she has never known anything else. Neither of these conditions should have any serious effects on her long-term health once they are sorted out.

Hermonie is just one of many Mayo and Galway rescue dogs at Connemara-based Mutts Anonymous Dog Rescue and Adoption (MADRA) looking for a loving home. All dogs will be neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Please see, visit MADRA’s Facebook page or call or text Marina on 086 8149026.