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Exhibition and new booklet focus on Lough Carra

Going Out

TRANQUIL WATERS  ‘Quinn’s Bay’, Lough Carra, taken by Lynda Huxley.

Award-winning nature cinematographer and presenter Colin Stafford-Johnson will launch photography exhibition ‘Qualities of Water’ along with the publication ‘Lough Carra - A Gem Worth Preserving’, Linenhall Arts Centre Foyer in Castlebar this Friday, February 7, at 2.30pm.
Stafford-Johnson is familiar with the Lough Carra and knows how important and unique this lake is at a National and European level. The photography exhibition explores the many qualities of water that surrounds, supports and connects us, including Lough Carra.
The photos were taken by individuals living in Mayo, Monaghan and Roscommon, whose work and lives intersect with water in different ways. Together, these photos capture the complex and surprising connections between water, spirituality, geology, pollutants, farming, infrastructure and the wider environment.
This participatory photography project was led by Dr Patrick Bresnihan, Maynooth University, and was funded by the Irish Research Council and the Environmental Protection Agency.  Participants include caretakers and managers of Group Water Schemes, farmers, anglers, catchment scientists, representatives from local authorities, and individuals involved in community catchment projects, including the Lough Carra Catchment Association.
The booklet ‘Lough Carra - A Gem Worth Preserving’ was produced by the Lough Carra Catchment Association to help raise awareness about this very special and important lake.
The LCCA was formed by local people who in 2018.  The aim of the association is to ‘restore, protect and conserve the ecological integrity of Lough Carra and its lakeshore habitats and to ensure the quality of drinking water from the Lough’.
Lough Carra is a rarity of unique habitats, biodiversity and beauty. In Dr Philip Doddy’s words ‘Lough Carra is clearly important to many people, none more so than those who live around its shores and in its catchment, and who drink its water. It is for these people, for their children and the future generations, that Lough Carra should be preserved and treasured’.
The Linenhall event will include a talk by Dr Bresnihan, while Tom Byrne of the Lough Carra Catchment Association will highlight the work of the association. Martin Keating, Head of Environment, Agriculture and Climate Change at Mayo County Council will officially present the Lough Carra booklet.
Admission to the launch is free, and all are welcome. Complimentary refreshments will be available.

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