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MUSINGS Skyping, swiping and typing



Baby using an iPad

Skyping, swiping and typing

Diary of a home bird
Ciara Galvin

THE roomies were gifted a tablet last week or as they call it ‘an iPad’ (it’s not an iPad) and though it will do wonders for my writing and the content thereof, it brings with it many headaches.
Considering the male roomie is still getting to grips with his smartphone (he has found his ringtone and how to send a text), this latest introduction of technology might just push him and the female roomie over the edge.
Opening the box last week and informing him of its contents, the male roomie enquired who the sleek piece of technology was destined for and laughed in disbelief as I told him it was for himself and the female roomie.
That night I set about downloading apps, nothing too crazy, just the normal national newspapers, YouTube and Skype, so they would have no excuse for missing calls from the bro in Dubai. And then the female roomie joked holding the 10inch screen up to her ear ‘how do I answer it?’ Yes, after over a year of being made fun of on this very page, the roomies have really taken on the art of self-deprecation.
I read an article in one of the weekend papers recently that said two and three year olds are so tech-savvy that some of them are attempting to swipe TV screens thinking they are smartphones and are talking back to news readers thinking they are on a Skype calls. It then occurred to me, with my little niece Saoirse home from Dubai this summer, she could possibly be showing the roomies how to work their new toy soon.
It’ll take some time and they’ll be playing virtual golf before they know it but at the moment I am a little worried that the introduction of the tablet was a tad too soon for the male roomie.
Recently myself and my sister had to remind him that his mobile was indeed that, a mobile device that it could be used in any location. He was late for work and stayed an extra five minutes at home checking his missed calls list. The list that will forever exist because, one, he never brings his phone anywhere, and two, the whole ‘swipe to answer’ function is still causing difficulties which could lead to Pops using the device as a frisbee against a wall. Note to self: check if he bought phone insurance.
On informing the bro in Dubai that dad is still having some ‘technical issues’, the bro suggested a career change for him, replying: “Dad should work for Samsung testing the phones to see how ‘user friendly’ they are. He would knock the prefix ‘smart’ off them fairly quickly.”
And my other brother joked at a table quiz recently that the male roomie would find it very difficult if he attempted to Google some of the answers, ie, shouting at the phone when it doesn’t follow his command and holding it two feet away in an attempt to read the text. I don’t think it would go unnoticed at a local table quiz alright.
In saying all this I’m a closet technophobe myself. My friends say that rather than me reading the instructions of anything or going into ‘settings’ on my phone I usually proclaim, ‘it’s broken’. One has to assume it runs in the family. Fingers crossed it skipped a generation and Saoirse will educate the roomies soon.

In her fortnightly Diary of a Home Bird column, Ciara Galvin reveals the trials and tribulations of a twenty-something year old still living with her parents.