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PET’S CORNER Mutt of the Month – Ginger, the terrier



Mutt of the Month
June - Ginger

Hi, I’m Ginger. Yeah, I know, it’s not a very imaginative name, but the people here have only just met me and don’t know me properly yet, so they’ve given me a ‘will do for now’ name. They say that my forever humans will be able to decide on a better name for me once they get to know me and realise what a great dog I am.
I’m a Terrier boy with the legs of a Basset Hound. They say here that any home will be lucky to have me, because I’m a super-cute softie, a happy and loving easy dog who will be an ideal family dog for some really lucky family.
I’m only 18 months old, the perfect age for people who can’t be bothered with all that puppy business. I came from a bad situation, but I don’t let that hold me back, because I know that now I’ve been rescued by MADRA, the rest of my life will good to make up for it! Could yours be the family who will let that wonderful life begin at last?

Ginger is just one of many Mayo and Galway rescue dogs at Connemara-based Mutts Anonymous Dog Rescue and Adoption (MADRA) looking for a loving home. All dogs will be neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Please see, check out MADRA’s Facebook page or call or text Marina on 086 8149026.