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PET’S CORNER October’s Mutts of the Month: Rowan and Tully


Rowan and Tully

Mutts of the Month   
October — Rowan and Tully

Rowan (3) and Tully (about 18 months) are a mum and son pair who have bonded to each strongly. MADRA is desperate to home them together, as they are inseparable and would pine terribly for each other if they were parted.
Luckily, they are extremely easy to manage. No fencing? No problem. They hate to move away from places they know and won’t wander. Work all day? No problem. They play with and entertain each other all day, so would hardly know you weren’t there. Access to a nice garden during the day and a nice couch to lay on at night would be heaven for them.
Rowan and Tully were rescued from a pretty awful situation. While they weren’t beaten, they were never shown kindness or comfort. They spent their whole lives outside, fed only basic scraps at random times. They never had any human handling or petting; they never had fresh water or clean bedding; they never saw anything of the world save the bit of rough ground they lived on around the back door.
While they were frightened at first, after several months of kindness and care at MADRA they’ve blossomed. They’re now lovely pets, wagging tails at people they know and like. They’ll approach friends and hang out with them for a while, but then like to romp off and play with each other, or just sit together and watch the world go by.
They’d love to have some of your time, but won’t demand constant interaction with you. As a pair, they would be low-maintenance, easy, friendly pets, totally self-contained in their little world of two.

Rowan and Tully are just two of many Mayo and Galway rescue dogs at Connemara-based Mutts Anonymous Dog Rescue and Adoption (MADRA) looking for a loving home. All dogs will be neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Please see, visit MADRA’s Facebook page or call or text Marina on 086 8149026.