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Stay-at-home pampers that support Irish


HOMEGROWN GOODNESS Why not have a DIY spa day?

Maggie Gibbons

Life in lockdown can mean a little at-home pampering to pass the time, so why not support our Irish beauty and skincare companies during the crisis while were at it?
The Irish beauty industry is growing at such speed it’s presenting major competition for the better known global brands. I’m massively impressed with their quality products, as well as their value for money. Better still, they often use ingredients derived from plants that are native to Ireland. There are too many Irish brands to mention here, but let’s look at what some of the best are offering.

Ultrapure Laboratories is a family business based in Mayo. Their aim is to deliver the purest skincare products to enhance and protect skin while using the purest ingredients. The Rosewater Toner can be used on all skin types. I discovered it some years ago and I’ve used nothing else since. A brilliant price at €2.35 for 125ml, and around €8 for 500ml.
Ultrapure Natural Sweet Almond Oil is a massage oil and moisturiser, that can be used on almost any skin type, and children and babies too. It’s ideal as a base for mixing with essential oils for aromatherapy and massage. Their Epsom Salts Gel with Arnica is fragrance free and great for sports recovery.

In the 1980s, marine scientist Patrick Mulrooney was on a quest to find a cure for his daughter’s eczema, and he turned to the sea. Harnessing the nutrients of seaweed and other sea botanicals he formulated the Seavite range and founded Seavite, an organic skincare company now run by daughters Katherine and Jane, with a factory in Claremorris.

Pestle & Mortar
Irish company Pestle & Mortar’a Pure Hyaluronic Serum (€43) has sold out five times in the past year, and there’s always a waiting list for it. When you can get it, you’ll find it in chemists nationwide, as well as online at It’s not quite a budget brand, but it’s worth every euro.

Galway-based Kinvara Skincare has grown steadily in popularity since the launch of the 24 Hour Rosehip Serum. Rosehip Oil is a true hero. Their Eye Wow! Eye Serum with cucumber and boabab is fabulous too. Founder Joanne Reilly has long been a champion of natural ingredients. She has a doctorate in tropical ecology, and she applies her experience of working with exotic flora in far-flung locations to the natural resources at hand here at home.

Green Angel
Another great Irish brand, Green Angel, was founded in 2006 by Chris and Mary Mitchell. The products are  luxurious and natural, using gorgeous ingredients like juniper, lavender and frankincense.
Green Angel’s Seaweed & Organic Argan Body Oil (€23.50) will give your skin a natural boost. It’s highly moisturising and will help restore elasticity and plump the skin to help give a youthful glow. It contains antioxidants that are also beneficial for problem skin, such as acne, psoriasis and eczema.
Their Precious Oils Hand Gift Set (€25) is pure indulgence – and let’s face it, all this hand washing really dries out the skin and our poor hands could do with some TLC. Three unique essential oils are used to create three luxurious hand creams that nourish your hands and leave them smelling divine.

LA Pacific
LA Pacific is a trail blazing oral beauty brand that’s manufactured in Offaly. This enzyme whitening toothpaste produces low levels of natural hydrogen peroxide when it contacts sugars in the mouth, but it is free from synthetic bleach, so it should suit even the most sensitive teeth. It promises to remove 82 percent of stains in two minutes while whitening at the same time, and uses pacific sea salts as a gentle abrasive. Californian opalescent crystals  act as optical filters that leave a subtle ‘opal hue’ on the teeth, ensuring the brightest, whitest smile. Available in Boots only (€8.99).

Carter Beauty
Kourtney Kardashian is a fan of Carter Beauty by our own Marissa Carter (, while Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian lovers of Carter’s Cocoa Brown fake-tan range. The tan achieved status, and now it’s closely followed by Carter’s foundation, primer and concealer.
Her Half Measure Dewy Foundation (€9.95) provides a flawless look and can be built up for extra coverage, while her Full House Mixed Face Palette (7.95) has everything you need for radiant, luminous skin. Four generous pans include a creamy bronzer to a shimmering blush, and two highlighters. Well you may as well look fabulous in your cocoon!

Maggie Gibbons is an Image/Style Consultant based in Louisburgh. She can be contacted at